Sustainable Carpet

Protecting your carpet



Protecting those you care for

Your carpet presents special challenges in keeping both the environment and our lives safe. Carpet is a favorite spot for pets, babies and children of all ages to lay and play.

Traditional chemistry used on carpet is fraught with hazards.  Fluorochemistry has been used to make both water repellents and stain blocker.  Dye fixing agents often contain heavy metals and formaldehyde.  Traditional UV absorber is high in VOC’s, volatile content that can be bad for health and the environment.

In particular, there are potential health and safety concerns with PFOS and PFOA found in fluorochemicals. Both are toxic and PFOA has been identified by preliminary government risk assessment as being consistent with the category of a “likely carcinogen.” Both chemicals are persistent, meaning they do not break down or “go away.”  As one of the largest users of fluorochemicals, carpet is an area where there should be no compromise in moving to fluorine-free water repellent and stain block combined with environmentally safe dye fixing and ultra-low VOC UV absorbers, effective at low usage levels.

NICCA offers healthier more environmentally friendly options for the entire range of carpet chemistry including fluorine-free water repellents and stain blocker, heavy metal free/formaldehyde free fixing agents and low VOC UV absorbers.

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