Fluorine-Free Water Repellent

Fluorine-Free Water Repellents and the Failure of Fluorocarbons

We all want clean, fresh water to drink, to swim in and to clean with – but that’s where our love of H2O ends.

When our clothes are soaked through, our upholstery is ruined and our tent leaks, we hate the damp. With the discovery of fluorocarbons in 1938, this problem seemed to be alleviated. More recently, however, we realized that certain fluorocarbon water-repellents are harmful to the environment. Thus began the race to find an earth-friendly, fluorine-free water repellent solution.

How NICCA Found a Solution

The Problem

The reduction or elimination of flourochemicals in textiles is encouraged by pending regulation.

Manufactures lower their usage amounts and turn to other chemicals to extend performance.

Industry Responses

Textile chemical suppliers testing a variety of solutions

Flourocarbon manufacturers promote more eco friendly C6 and C4 type flourochemicals

New fabric designs for some applications have inherently water-repellent properties
NICCA Solutions

Dendrimer Technology

Nano Material


Polyester Membrane

Polyurethane Coating

Stearic Acid/Melamine

Paraffin Treatment

The NEOSEED Water Repellent Solution

Made from botanical origins – completely free of fluorine resin. NEOSEED provides excellent Durable Water Repellency on all types of fabric.

Made with an environmentally friendly hydrophobic polymer that offers durable performance comparable to fluorine-based products to meet increasing demands from consumers, industry and government regulation. Make the NEOSEED transition to Green!

  • Excellent water repellency with outstanding wash durability
  • Fluorine-free formulation uses botanical extract that is gentle on the environment
  • Outstanding shear stability
  • Meets consumer and government demands for Green water repellency
  • Replaces traditional C8 and C6 solutions

NICCA’s Success with Fluorine-Free Water Repellents

NICCA USA has a long history as a high performance, specialty textile solution provider and is no stranger to tough challenges.

One of the keys to NICCA’s success is understanding that, when it comes to tricky problems, there is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution. The fluorine-free water repellent challenge is no exception. NICCA, a bluesign® partner, offers a variety of environmentally friendly NEOSEED water repellent solutions, along with our well-known technical support, to find the best fit for each application.

Contact us today for help in meeting your fluorine-free water repellent challenge.

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