WaterSmart Advantages

Putting WaterSmartâ„¢ to Work For You

Traditional dyeing treats every step as a separate process, which means each step takes time, water and power. WaterSmartTM additives are specially formulated to work together so all dye steps can be done at the same time in the same water.


Each component in WaterSmartTM not only acts to do its job but also takes care of keeping impurities away from the fabric. This is the secret behind the technology.

WaterSmart FAQs

1. What about dye quality?

Quality is improved using the WaterSmartTM system. Dye problems such as spots are virtually eliminated resulting in less rework.

2. What about chemical costs?

Although the per pound cost may be higher, usage is generally lower, rework is less and other savings will more than cover your chemicals costs.

3. Is WaterSmartTM available in my area?

NICCA is a global company with facilities and distributors worldwide.

4. Will we need to redo our shade matching?

No. WaterSmartTM has no effect on the shade.

5. What if I need support?

NICCA is well known as a solution provider and will work with you to develop and optimize your process, tweak formulas, and even custom develop if necessary.

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