Textile Water Repellents – ECO Friendly

What Are Textile Water Repellents?

Nowhere do we feel the effects of water more than through our clothes.  Wet clothes immediately affect our comfort and our performance.  It is important that clothing, especially outdoor wear and activewear, are treated with just the right amount of water repellency.  Factors considered in treating apparel include breathability, degree of repellency required, durability, other performance enhancements and, more recently, the environment.  Traditional water repellent treatments have ranged from nondurable silicone to heavy rubberized coatings.  The bulk of water resistant treatment lies in between and uses light weight, durable fluorochemistry.  Unfortunately, fluorochemicals must be  phased out because they have been found to damage our environment and health.

Eliminating fluorochemistry in textiles has been complicated by the need to balance many factors, including:

  • High performance
  • Durability
  • Wide range of substrates
  • Variety of applications
  • Aesthetic look and feel

Textile Partnerships

There are no easy answers. That is why NICCA combines a variety of solutions and close technical support to create the best result possible in each case. For over 80 years, NICCA has partnered with textile manufacturers around the globe to solve the most difficult problems facing innovative apparel design.

Contact us today for help in meeting your fluorine-free water repellent challenge.

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