Revolutionized Dyeing


WaterSmart™ uses leading-edge surfactant technology from NICCA to do what has not been possible . . . until now.

Reduced Water Usage

With WaterSmart™ inside, you will reduce your water usage up to 75%. That’s great for business and good for the planet.

Technology in WaterSmart™ products keep you dye bath water clean.  They do this in a number of ways…

by keeping impurities way from the fabric and away from equipment…

by perfectly dispersing themselves and dyestuff into the bath…

by working together, not competing, to complete the dye process in the same water.

Reduced Cycle Time

Make time stand still. Your cycle time will be reduced by 40%. What are you going to do with all your new-found time? Make more product of course.

Dyeing fabric is a very involved process.  Scour, rinse and rinse again.  Then dye, clear the process, adjust the pH and rinse again – twice. Add in complications like dye spots, machine cleaning and oligomer and it can be difficult to meet demand.

The ability to scour and dye fabric in the same bath, without the need for pH adjustment after dyeing, eliminates four steps and three hours from a seven and a half hour dye process.  That is a lot!

Consider that time includes both machine and labor and you can imagine that what used to be made in a 12 hour shift can now be made in 8 hours.

WaterSmart™ also reduces oligomer, dye spots and machine cleaning.  Even more time…

Reduced Costs

Why is WaterSmart™ so “smart”? How does more than enough savings to pay for your chemicals sound?

The water and energy savings alone will pay for chemicals costs.  But there are other savings –

WaterSmart™ also reduces wastewater and associated costs.

Spots and other dye problems are reduced so rework is less with WaterSmart™.

Reduced oligomer and machine cleaning costs.

Dye smart – WaterSmart.

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