Lubricant & Fabric Protector for Preparation and Dyeing

A bath lubricant for processing various kinds of textile fabrics. Compared to other commodity-type bath lubricants, it is superior in extremely high-speed, short liquor ratio equipment such as jet or winch machines. The addition of TEXPORT® D-600U will protect the fabric from being scraped and bruised by fiber/fiber and fiber/machine abrasion and also prevent a large amount of creasing.

When treating synthetics, creasing problems tend to occur around the glass transition point, and currently the only method of dealing with this problem is to have a very slow and tightly controlled cool down period. However, because of TEXPORT® D-600U’s anti-crease effect, the cooling period may be shortened for substantial cost savings.

TEXPORT® D-600U may be used on polyester, cotton, and blends. Its stability to acid, alkali, and salts permits it to be used even under very harsh treatment conditions.


  • Lubricates the bath and protect the fabric without generating foam
  • Good anti-crease effects for high-quality goods
  • Prevents push-in and rope creases and prevents uneven dyeing
  • Applicable in high speed winch or jet machines for a wide range of fabrics
  • Outstanding stability to high levels of salts in the dyebath and suitable for cotton or poly/cotton dyeing
  • Outstanding stability through an extremely wide range of pH
  • Low foaming property and ideal for jet machines


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