High Performance, Low foaming Scouring Agent

A high performance, ecological scouring agent designed to reduce dyeing problems (uneven dyeing, dye specks, and stains from the dye machine). PITCHRUN® L-300BT contains a biodegradable natural extract. It was developed as a very low-foaming scouring agent for any types of fiber such as polyester, nylon, lycra, wool, cotton and blends thereof.


  • The natural extract works as a kind of solvent while the special surfactant works as an emulsifier. High scouring performance.
  • Excellent scouring performance on any kind of fabrics especially on wool at low temperature.
  • Emulsified oil is prevented from re-adhering to the fabric reduces dyeing problems caused by residual oil.
  • Ultra low foaming properties. Suitable for washing machines and dye batch scouring such as jet dyeing.
  • Durable scouring effect. Applicable for continuous methods.
  • Does not contain any harmful or flammable solvent. Safe to use.
  • Good chelating effects


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