Benzene ring-free Dispersing/Levelling Agent for low liquor ratio rapid dyeing of Polyester fibers

A newly developed dispersing/leveling agent for application in low-liquor ratio dyeing operations.  This product does not contain any aromatic based surfactant. It is outstanding in reducing the rate of dye strike as temperature rises in the dyeing process, therefore insuring levelness of shade.


  • Allows the dyes to be uniformly absorbed during the increase of temperature by controlling the strike rate of dyes during the initial stage of the process. This enables the dyehouse to obtain an excellent degree of levelness.
  • Low foaming
  • Prevents disperse dyes from coagulating at elevated temperatures due to its superior dispersing action.  There is no uneven dyeing, dye spots and shading problems.
  • Does not affect the dyeability of either direct or reactive dyes when used in polyester/cotton dyeing processes.


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