Fixing Agent
For Reactive dyes

A fixing agent which exhibits particularly outstanding effects for the improvement of chlorine fastness and wet fastness of fiber-reactive dyestuffs. It is highly compatible with finishing agents such as resins, softening or water repelling agents, and fluorescent dyes. This compatibility enables the continuous single-bath fixing and finishing treatment to be carried out.


  • Extremely effective when applied to cellulosic substrates with fiber reactive dyes
  • Outstanding chlorine fastness
  • Provides excellent wet fastness when using synthetic detergent
  • Almost no discoloration of fabrics
  • Does not affect the brilliant characteristic of reactive dyes
  • Almost no degradation of light fastness
  • Satisfactory perspiration fastness
  • Suitable for fabrics intended to be used as sportswear
  • Remarkable compatibility with finishing agents (resins, softeners, water repellant agents, etc.) therefore fixing and finishing can be made continuously in a single bath
  • Almost no effect on fluorescent whiteness
  • Suitable as finishing agent for printed materials with large white areas


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