NICCA USA welcomes a new R&D Manager

Magali Brown was recently promoted to R&D Manager at NICCA USA.  In this new role Magali will be beneficial in helping to find and move into new areas, which is a big part of NICCA’s new business strategy.  By moving into new areas, new products will need to be developed.  Magali will manage the new products development phase, as well as, the scale up phase of these new products.  As technologies and standards change new products will also need to be developed for existing areas and customers.  Magali will work with the sales team to meet with customers and develop products that fit the customers need.  During the new product development phase Magali will attend plant trials at customer sites to ensure products are performing as they should.  With her presence at the trial if any problems arise she is available to see exactly what is happening, when it is occurring, and the conditions that were present that may have caused the problem.  This information is taken back to the lab to work out any issues that may have arisen.

In addition to the new duties listed above Magali will represent NICCA at conferences and tradeshows.  She will also attend these conferences and trade shows to stay informed of the latest trends in the industry.

Prior to her promotion Magali was working as New Product Development Supervisor.  She has been with NICCA USA for almost three years.

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