NICCA USA Offers New In-Bath Flame Retardant

NICCA USA has finished developing a New Flame Retardant called NF-854.  This new, innovative, durable FR can be used on all synthetic fibers.  What separates this product from other products on the market is that NF-854 is an in-bath FR that can be applied by the exhaustion method without fear of staining the equipment.  It can also be applied using the continuous method and is applicable for Jet, Beam and Package Dyeing.  One common problem with FR’s is that they can yellow the fabric and take a lightly shaded fabric and ruin the overall color aspect.  A great attribute of this product is that it can be used on all colored fabrics, including whites, because unlike other products, NF-854 has significantly lower yellowing potential.  This product is very durable, self-disperses and is very stable at high temperatures.  NF-854 has excellent FR performance for standard industry burn tests.

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