Fun Facts


  • We were one of the first to develop clean, high performance chemistries for industrial applications.
  • We created the first safe cotton dye fixative (NEOFIX) and now supply much of the NEOFIX used around the globe. Common applications include swimsuits, active wear, home furnishing and printing paper.
  • We developed the first antisublimation UV absorber ( NICCA SUNLIFE UV) that stays on automotive fabric in hot cars; it keeps car seats from fading and auto glass clear and is used by most of the major manufacturers around the world.
  • We were the first company to use natural solvents in the textile industry to scour fabric and clean machines, thus eliminating harmful solvents such as toluene and MEK.
  • We received the Japan Patent Office coveted innovation award for NICCANON antibacterial agents.
  • Our paper strengthening agent is so effective that it is used in many currencies.
  • NICCA USA serves the Western Hemisphere with R&D and manufacturing facilities while the NICCA group is focused on Asia with 12 companies and 2 major R&D facilities in the region.
  • NICCA USA offers local sales and technical support in Central America.
  • Most NICCA resources go into developing custom solutions and nearly all NICCA products are a result of value created for a customer.
  • One of NICCA’s sister companies, “DEMI”, has been providing cosmetics for more than 30 years in Japan.
  • NICCA Chemical joined the Bluesign system in 2013 as the first Textile chemical manufacturer in Japan.