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Helping manufacturers create custom chemistry for more sustainable product lines in textiles and other industries

Compatible Formulas

Specialized solutions that work with all dye stuffs and meet your functional chemistry needs

Sustainable Solutions

bluesign® certified treatments, water-saving chemistries, and eliminated harmful substances

Full Lab Testing

Our in-house R&D lab facilities will simulate the results on the machines you use

Creating the perfect chemical formula for your product can quickly become complex,

which consumes your valuable research time, overwhelms your team, and negatively affects your bottom line.

You shouldn’t have to wrestle alone with complex chemical solutions.

Get full access to a proven partner that can help you achieve your product goals.

Our Top Product Lines


Conserve Water with Fewer Rinses


Fluorine-Free Water Repellent


Perflouropolyether K-fluids for Lubricant Applications

We Understand

It’s important to get all the details right when producing a quality product.

Your plant can access our



of chemical dyeing and finishing experience

We come to your facility to validate the results
Factory & Mill-Level Experts to help with validation
Global footprint of 12 labs in textile-producing regions
Global leader in fluorine-free water repellents

Your Formula for Success


You Talk, We Listen.

Pick up the phone, email us, or schedule a visit.


Our Lab or Yours?

Send us your samples, requirements and product specifications so we can work through the details.


Validate the Results

We will test the chemical recipe at your facility to keep production on track.


Follow Up

We make sure the formula is still working properly and there aren’t any modifications needed.

Remove unnecessary complications from the equation.

Stop wasting valuable time, money, and manpower when faced with complex chemistry challenges, and rely on us to equip you with a chemical recipe for success.

Chemical Solutions

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Ornare Malesuada Tellus Fermentum


Ornare Malesuada Tellus Fermentum


Ornare Malesuada Tellus Fermentum


Ornare Malesuada Tellus Fermentum


Ornare Malesuada Tellus Fermentum

Paints & Coatings

Ornare Malesuada Tellus Fermentum

Chemical Manufacturing

Ornare Malesuada Tellus Fermentum