NICCA USA continuously strives to achieve the highest quality in our products. We have management systems in place to ensure this top quality.

Here are 2 programs that help NICCA USA achieve our quality goals:

ISO 9001-2008: NICCA USA has been certified ISO9001-2008 for 13 consecutive years.  Since 2000, NICCA USA has been following the 8 management principles required by ISO: Customer focus, Leadership, Involvement of People, Process approach, System approach to management, continual improvement, Factual approach to decision making and mutually beneficial supplier relationships.

KPI: NCCA USA has implemented a KPI (Key Performance Indicators) program to define and measure progress toward organizational goals. These goals include quality control and have helped our production department achieve the highest yield of quality batches in our history for 2013.

About Magali Brown

Magali is from Carcassonne, France. She has her master’s degree in chemistry with a specialization in textile and chemicals for textile. She spent 6 years in Fukui, Japan where she obtained her Ph.D. in amenity fiber from the University of Fukui. After obtaining her Ph.D. Magali began working for NICCA Chemical in Japan. After 6 months she relocated to NICCA USA, Inc. where she has been for the past 2 ½ years. Her current role is New Product Development Supervisor where she works closely with customers to meet their needs and requirements. Two main areas of focus are using exciting products and/or custom developments to meet customer’s processes and performance. She is a member of AATCC and is part of their flammability committee. She lives with her husband and their handsome baby boy born earlier this year.
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