Dyebath Lubricant / Softener

An in-bath lubricant / softener for various kinds of yarns and fabrics. This product can be used for Package, Jet and Beam dyeing processes. Its lubricity protects fibers from the friction of process machinery, while preventing uneven dyeing caused by roping, creasing and twisting in the dye bath.

It has the unique advantage of being able to be added to the scour/bleach bath or to the dyebath. It will not affect dyeing, finishing, or any other process performance. The effects of TEXPORT® D-990 in the scour/bleach bath or the dyebath continues through the whole process, therefore eliminating the need for extra lubricants as well as reducing or eliminating the need for silicone softeners in the finishing stage.


  • Equally effective in smoothing and softening and prevents push-in and rope creases
  • Prevents uneven dyeing caused by creases and yields a high-quality dyeing
  • Long-lasting effect through scouring/bleaching bath to dyeing stage and eliminates the need for additional lubricants
  • Reduces fiber friction and winding and knitting processes are optimum
  • High lubricity and imparts soft hand and protects fibers from machine friction
  • Resistant to hard water and salt
  • Low foaming property and suitable for jet machines and other dyeing processes
  • Stable to alkali dyeing


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