Acid Side Reduction Clearing Agent for Disperse Dyes

An acid side reduction clear agent for disperse dyed fabrics. Its reduction clear performance is as good as the conventional alkali system with sodium hydrogen sulfite.


  • Excellent reduction clearing performance for disperse dyed fabrics in pH = 3.8 ~ 4.2 using acetic acid in the bath.
  • Applicable for 1 batch-2 steps system and reduces operation time, water use and energy cost
  • Applicable for alkali sensitive fabrics such as polyurethane and/or triacetate blended polyester
  • Can be used as a reduction agent after exhaustion of polyester resin type product
  • No effect on performance of finishing agent by residual alkali
  • No need for neutralization by acetic acid after reduction clearing
  • Liquid and applicable to automatic feeding systems
  • Applicable to jet, package and beam dye machines


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