Dispersing/Leveling Agent for Low liquor ratio for Rapid Dyeing of Polyester Fibers

A dispersing/leveling agent for application in low-liquor ratio dyeing operations. It does not contain any aromatic based surfactants. It is outstanding in reducing the rinse cycle since it is designed for minimal residual on the fabric after dyeing.


  • Uniform dyes absorption during the rate of temperature rise due to the control of the strike rate of dyes during the initial stage of the process
  • Excellent degree of levelness
  • Low foaming
  • Superior dispersing action
  • Prevents disperse dyes from coagulating at high temperature
  • Prevents uneven dyeing, dye spots and shading problems
  • No effect on the dyeability of either direct nor reactive dyes when used with polyester/cotton blends
  • Reduces rinse cycle due to a low residual amount on the fabric after dyeing


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