Chelate/Dispersant/Soap off Agent

Originally developed to counteract problems arising from poor water quality or metals contained in the fabric (i.e., calcium or magnesium salts). By dispersing these metal ions, it also protects the fabric from oligomer and sizes during scouring or bleaching without reducing fabric whiteness.


  • Excellent dispersing and solubilizing effect for acrylic based sizing agents during scouring of nylon and polyester fabrics
  • Prevents any type of redeposition
  • Sequesters metal ions contained in water or greige fabrics (cotton and polyester/cotton) when added to scouring or bleaching bath
  • Prevents scale build-up an pinholes
  • Improves softness and whiteness
  • Disperses and prevents redeposition of oligomer if added to the soaping bath after alkali weight reduction
  • Prevents troubles caused by oligomer
  • Excellent dispersibility for excess print paste in continuous soaping
  • Prevents cross staining


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