NICCA USA: A Perpetual Effort Toward Improvement!

The quality of NICCA USA products is well-known in the Industry and, to keep producing high performing agents, the Engineering and Maintenance teams of NICCA USA are working very hard every day to update and maintain the manufacturing facilities.

The past two weeks, NICCA USA has been working on replacing the bottom head of one of its cotton fixative reactors. It involved specialty welding which had to be done by an outside company.  NICCA USA EHS and Maintenance teams were assisting in the project in order to provide a safe work environment and valuable advice. Once complete, the production capacity of cotton fixative will increase greatly. This project is part of a long term investment plan that focuses on improvement of the cotton fixative business.  Another important part of this plan is the replacement of a second reactor dedicated to cotton fixative.

As part of the continuous effort of providing a safe manufacturing process, the NICCA USA production facility is shutdown once a year for an extremely detailed inspection. During one week to 10 days at the  beginning of every July, production is stopped to let the Maintenance team examine all equipment and systems used to manufacture NICCA USA products.

A special thank you to Engineering, Maintenance, EHS and Production for their dedication!

About Magali Brown

Magali is from Carcassonne, France. She has her master’s degree in chemistry with a specialization in textile and chemicals for textile. She spent 6 years in Fukui, Japan where she obtained her Ph.D. in amenity fiber from the University of Fukui. After obtaining her Ph.D. Magali began working for NICCA Chemical in Japan. After 6 months she relocated to NICCA USA, Inc. where she has been for the past 2 ½ years. Her current role is New Product Development Supervisor where she works closely with customers to meet their needs and requirements. Two main areas of focus are using exciting products and/or custom developments to meet customer’s processes and performance. She is a member of AATCC and is part of their flammability committee. She lives with her husband and their handsome baby boy born earlier this year.
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