Home Furnishings Durable Water Repellency

Traditional chemistry used on home furnishings include fluorochemistry in water repellents and stain blocker.  In particular, there are potential health and safety concerns with PFOS and PFOA found in fluorochemicals. Both are toxic and PFOA has been identified by preliminary government risk assessment as being consistent with the category of a “likely carcinogen.” Both chemicals are persistent, meaning they do not break down or “go away.”  Given the volume of fluorochemical use in home furnishings there should be no compromise in moving to fluorine-free water repellent and stain blockers.

With fluorinated water repellent and stain blocker going away, it’s time to adapt. NICCA fluorine-free and short-chain durable water repellent chemistries can help you protect everything around your home from outdoor furnishings, awnings and covers to indoor upholstery, draperies, and shower curtains.

Improving Sustainable Solutions for Upholstery

In providing close technical support that NICCA is known for around the world, we have developed and continuously improve advanced fluorine-free technologies and sustainable solutions that meet industry standards including bluesign, ZDHC, and OEKO-TEX.

Contact us today for help in meeting your fluorine-free water repellent challenge.

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