Hiyari Hatto (ヒヤリ ハット)


In an ever-changing manufacturing environment, a continuous safety culture is extremely important.  One way to foresee and hopefully prevent accidents is through the Hiyari Hatto program used in Japan.  Hiyari Hatto (or Near-miss) refers to an instance when you witnessed or thought of something that almost happened, but didn’t.  When this type of situation occurs and you feel that something unsafe almost happened, then you should report the incident and how you felt.  Forms can be used for employees to submit their experiences to a safety committee.  The committee can evaluate the incidents for risk levels and develop plans to prevent the nearly-missed accidents from occurring.  For small issues, quick fixes may be applied to remove the hazard.  For larger concerns, it may be necessary for more extensive solutions and investments to eliminate the risk in the future.  No matter the level of seriousness of the issue, anytime an employee feels this danger after witnessing a near-miss, they should report the Hiyari Hatto to help prevent accidents before they happen.  With this program, everyone can actively participate in a culture of safety.

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Kayla's hometown is Smoaks, South Carolina, a small town near Charleston. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering with a minor in Japanese language from Clemson University. After graduation she moved to Greenville, South Carolina and joined the NICCA USA, Inc team. Her current role is Plant Engineer where she focuses on project and process engineering. An EIT, she is a member of AIChE and their local chapter WSC-AIChE. She is currently working towards JLPT and PE certifications.
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